The BIOMATHICS consortium supports its partners and customers to design, develop and implement research products and predictive tools.

  • 1 _Research Audits [+]

    Through concerted needs analysis,

    BIOMATHICS helps companies to validate their marketing claims and/or products and services related to human aging. This audit may lead to the

    development of a research project,

    guidance on business development and strategies...


    «Are we improving our autonomy and health by choosing to live in serviced apartments in a residence for elderly people?»

    Alongside professionals from a group of Residences for assisted living, BIOMATHICS developed a concept of research to verify the health and welfare allegations and complementary imagined innovative services for residents.

  • 2_Applied clinical research concepts [+]

    BIOMATHICS helps companies and research centers in the creation of innovative research projects.

    The consortium theorizes the research concept in correlation with the company needs and designs the research protocol including the scientific, medical and logistics aspects.

    The results of this research are published in national and international scientific publications. Hub between the corporate world and international institutional research, BIOMATHICS enables the implementation of large-scale biomedical research, but also optimizes financing: fund raising, responding to call for projects, private corporate financing... These researches are also the basis of the prediction of the evolution of the health status of a population to enable the further development of new products and services.



    The researchers involved in BIOMATHICS designed, operated and analyzed a national survey for the SNCF (French national railway company), to assess the level of frailty and the general health of the 60 years and more users of TGV (high speed train) lines to determine the needs of elderly travelers.

    BIOMATHICS designed and operated for an international food Group an interventional clinical study to demonstrate the benefits of the supplementation of a daily consumer product with a dietary ingredient.

  • 3_Design & development of connected & predictive devices [+]

    BIOMATHICS supports companies and research centers in validating the relevance of a concept, of a business model and defining the specifications of a prototype. These medical conclusions  can be added to a market study to scientifically legitimate and validate a business plan.


    BIOMATHICS accompanied an Industrial Group in the deisgn of a medical device prototype for elderly with loss of autonomy: audit, specifications writing and prototyping. BIOMATHICS researchers have conducted the improvement of a measuring instrument top optimize its capacities and to address a larger identified target.

  • 4_Modeling & artificial intelligence [+]

    BIOMATHICS performs data analysis using non-linear models such as neural networks, developing an artificial intelligence based on computer systems coupled with innovative mathematical models.


    BIOMATHICS has developed for a French Hospital a neural network which can predict elderly inpatients with complicated care pathways characterized by iatrogenic complications, fails, long-term and repeated hospitalizations. Through touchpads and specific software, doctors and nurses can identify "at risk" patients and adapt the care they provide to thin the care pathway.

  • 5_Scientific publications [+]

    From pre-existing or new databases, BIOMATHICS conducts biostatistical analysis and performs meta-analysis by crossing several heterogeneous databases. Scientific analysis of these data validates the health claims of a product or a service and helps to develop marketing campaigns.



    Researchers and members of BIOMATHICS consortium publish in: Journal of American Geriatric Society, Journal of American medical Director Association, Journal of Internal Medicine, Experimental Gerontology, Journal of Gerontology, Neurology, Brain, Plos One, Maturitas, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition...

  • 6_Quantified-self questionnaire [+]

    BIOMATHICS Quantified-Self Questionnaire (QSQ) is based on the crossing of scientific data collected by international experts in human longevity and quantified-self data. QSQ multiplies the statistical analysis capabilities and maximizes the quality of the medical response by combining controlled and subjective data.

    QSQ provides, via a self-administrated questionnaire, an answer on the health and functional status of an individualextracted from a mathematical modeling of the collected data. QSQ is organized around several biomathematics algorithms and increments medical and scientific knowledge of researchers and doctors. QSQ provides the subject an individual response at several levels.

    1) Generic: Information on his general health classified into 3 categories: vigorous, transitionaly frail and frail.

    2) Specific: A solution based on the diagnosed dysfunction through intervention modules of good recommendations to adopt towards a memory, balance, nutrition problem...

    3) Individual: At last, it will guide the person to a professional of the health sector and/or the nearest nursing home to complete the support initiated by the QSQ.

    QSQ improves the care of ellderly patients in early detecting the occurrence of adverse health events and organizing the work of professionals, caregivers and health institutions.

    QSQ was developed and scientifically validated by doctors and researchers of the BIOMATHICS consortium.


  • 7_FP1, fall prevention & prediction [+]

    BIOMATHICS designed the first scientifically validated tool for assessing the health and functional status of elders. This tool has been developed to antiicpate the occurence of health adverse events and allow early detection of people at risk of complicated care pathway. AID Tool is based on the same principle than QSQ: The crossing of scientific data collected by international experts in human longevity and quantified-self data and its modelization and analysis.


    AID Tool is organized around several biomathematics algorithms and increments medical and scientific knowledge of researchers and doctors. It optimizes the work of health institutions by organizing and structuring the interventions of health professionals at the right time of the patient care pathway, thereby drastically reducing the unnecessary consultations, cares and screenings. This improvement in the care pathway allows the institution to concentrate on patients who really need it and to organize more effective and relevant interventions for elderly patients and customers.


    The mathematical model of AID Tool:

    • early identifies a high burden of morbidity requiring a specific treatment,
    •  detects a possible iatrogenesis,
    • early identifies an isolated memory desorder precursor of dementia disease,
    • early identifies gait and balance disorders and risk for falling,
    • early identifies malnutrition,
    • early identifies a possible loss of independence and autonomy,
    • quantifies the degree of frailty.

    AID Tool is accessible via the LongevityCloud®, developed and managed by BIOMATHICS.


    BIOMATHICS advises a Mutual Health Insurance Company and an Insurance Group and operates:

    • Time savings for staff + HR optimization
    • Budgetary savings: Mobilization of staff, early treatment to prevent adverse health events and institutionalization
    • Effective solutions for screening and preventing health disorders
    • Marketing tools and new services to attract new affiliates
    • Enrollment in a humanistic approach for well aging


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